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CleanSlate: Add a featured blog post to a page on my site.
<r:blog id="197"> <r:comment><!-- Change to your blog's page ID --></r:comment>
<r:articles:each tags="featured" limit="1"> <r:comment><!-- Change the tag(s) to what you want to feature. Comma separate multiple tags. --></r:comment>
<article class="wvu-article" role="article">
<h2 class="wvu-article__title"><a href="<r:article:path />"><r:article:name /></a></h2>
<p class="wvu-article__meta">
<r:article:author_full_name /> |
<time class="wvu-article__date" datetime="<r:date_format format="iso8601" value="{article:published_at}" />"><r:date_format format="%A, %B %d, %Y" value="{article:published_at}" /></time>
</p> <!-- /.wvu-article__meta -->
<div class="wvu-article__body">
<r:select_html css_selector="p" limit="1">
<r:article:content name="article-body" />
</div> <!-- /.wvu-article__body -->
<p><a href="<r:article:path />">Read Full Article</a></p>
</article> <!-- /.wvu-article -->
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