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PHP: Get Vimeo ID
function get_vimeoid( $url ) {
$regex = '~
# Match Vimeo link and embed code
(?:<iframe [^>]*src=")? # If iframe match up to first quote of src
(?: # Group vimeo url
https?:\/\/ # Either http or https
(?:[\w]+\.)* # Optional subdomains
vimeo\.com # Match
(?:[\/\w]*\/videos?)? # Optional video sub directory this handles groups links also
\/ # Slash before Id
([0-9]+) # $1: VIDEO_ID is numeric
[^\s]* # Not a space
) # End group
"? # Match end quote if part of src
(?:[^>]*></iframe>)? # Match the end of the iframe
(?:<p>.*</p>)? # Match any title information stuff
preg_match( $regex, $url, $matches );
return $matches[1];

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jpibarra1130 commented Apr 5, 2014

I think the gist won't work for channels.


I tried removing the string videos on line 9 and it worked for me


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mwordpress commented Nov 13, 2014

nice work

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