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Created October 7, 2015 08:24
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Convert Evernote notes to Notes notes
tell application "Evernote"
set foundNotes to find notes
repeat with aNote in foundNotes
set enTitle to (the title of aNote)
set aHTML to HTML content of aNote
if exists (source URL of aNote) then
set aHTML to "<p>source url: " & source URL of aNote & "</p>" & aHTML
end if
set folderName to (name of notebook of aNote)
tell application "Notes"
tell account [0]
if not (exists folder folderName) then
make new folder with properties {name:folderName}
end if
if not (exists note enTitle in folder folderName) then
make new note at folder folderName with properties {name:enTitle, body:aHTML}
end if
end tell
end tell
end repeat
end tell
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