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Last active October 12, 2022 18:30
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PR Template

🚧 Work in progress


What does this PR change, add, or delete?


Why is this PR needed?


Before After

Test Plan

What steps can reviewer do to verify that this PR works as expected? Remove this section if not needed.


  • I have self-reviewed the changes and added explanatory comments as needed
  • I have added enough test cases
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wzulfikar commented Aug 23, 2022

Template for Github PR (see docs for ref). Inspired by Gumroad.


  • Put the in your .github folder of your repo
  • If you want to ensure that users will not submit empty issue, set blank_issues_enabled to false (ref)


  • If you use Github CLI to create the PR, you'll be prompted with "Choose a template". If you use VSCode to create the PR, your PR description will be automatically filled with the template.
    gh-pr-template mov
  • Once you submitted the PR, visit the PR in your browser and update the content accordingly (add What, Why, etc.)
  • Once you've done updating, remove the "🚧 Work in progress" from the top of PR description. This text acts as a "marker" to indicate if the description has been populated with the actual content or if it's still the template's default.

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