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Shell aliases I use every day.
alias zshso="source ~/.zshrc"
alias zshedit="nano ~/.zshrc"
alias clr="clear"
alias cl="clear"
alias hist=history
alias ytdl="youtube-dl" # Example: ytdl
alias graph="graph-easy" # Example: echo '[a],[c]->[b]' | graph --as=boxart
alias pn="pnpm" # Example: pn i (install packages from package.json)
alias cat="bat -p" # Replace cat with bat (plain style)
alias catt="bat" # Use fully styled bat
alias catp="/bin/cat" # Escape hatch to run the original `cat`
alias bdiff="git diff"
alias lgit="lazygit"
alias ldocker="lazydocker"
alias ff="fzf --preview 'bat --color=always --style=numbers --line-range=:500 {}'"
alias rgf="rg --files | rg" # Find files using ripgrep. Example: rgf some-file
alias bcn="bacon" # 'bacon' is Rust background code runner
alias py="python"
alias be="bundle exec"
alias sp="rspec"
alias spec="rspec"
alias btest="bun test"
alias ytest="yarn test"
alias ptest="pnpm test"
alias py3="python3"
alias cur="cursor"
alias elx="elixir"
alias elxc="elixirc"
alias manage="./"
# Ollama
alias ol="ollama"
alias olr="ollama run"
alias olrz="ollama run zephyr"
alias olz="ollama run zephyr"
alias olc="ollama run codellama:7b"
alias olcu="ollama run codeup"
alias olw="ollama run wizard-math:7b"
alias olmed="ollama run medllama2"
alias ole="ollama run everythinglm"
alias ols="ollama run sqlcoder:15b"
# iterm aliases
alias imcat="~/.iterm2/imgcat" # Example: imcat ~/Download/my-image.png
alias imls="~/.iterm2/imgls"
# common git aliases
alias clone="git clone"
alias clone1="git clone --depth 1"
alias commit="git commit"
alias cm="git commit -m"
alias cma="git add . && commit -m"
alias add="git add"
alias pull="git pull"
alias push="git push"
alias status="git status"
alias gl="git log --graph --date=format:'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M' --pretty=format:'%Cblue%>(12)%ad %C(yellow)%h %Cgreen%<(7)%aN%Cred%d %Creset%s'"
alias co="git checkout"
alias stash="git stash"
alias rebase="git rebase"
alias reset="git reset"
alias merge="git merge"
alias bisect="git bisect"
alias rustface=~/code/playground/rustface/target/release/rustface
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wzulfikar commented Oct 14, 2022

Run this command to add the aliases to your shell (supports bash or zsh):

curl > ~/.aliases
function add_aliases() {
  local rc_file="$1"
  if [ -f $rc_file ]; then
    if [ -z "$(grep 'source ~/.aliases' $rc_file)" ]; then
      echo 'source ~/.aliases' >> $rc_file
      echo 'Aliases added to .zshrc'
    source $rc_file
add_aliases ~/.zshrc
add_aliases ~/.bashrc

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