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Fetch prices from IEX API for Beancount
#!/usr/bin/env python
'''A quick-and-dirty script to fetch prices from IEX API.'''
import sys
import argparse
import requests
from dateutil.parser import parse as parse_datetime
from beancount.core import data
from beancount.core.number import D
from beancount.core.amount import Amount
from beancount.parser import printer
from beancount.loader import load_file
from beancount.ops import holdings
# Sign up for a free account and put your public token here
def get_prices_from_iex(symbol, date_range='3m'):
# Message usage estimate:
# 1 symbol * 3 months chartCloseOnly data is about 128 messages
# Free account monthly quota: 500,000
print('Fetching prices for {} ...'.format(symbol), file=sys.stderr)
url = f'{symbol}/chart/{date_range}'
params = {
'chartCloseOnly': True,
'token': IEX_TOKEN,
json_data = requests.get(url, params=params).json()
prices = [
(symbol, parse_datetime(item['date']).date(), item['close'])
for item in json_data
return prices
def convert_prices(prices):
'''Convert prices to Beancount "Price" entries'''
meta = data.new_metadata('<price>', 0)
entries = [
amount=Amount(D('{:.2f}'.format(price[2])), 'USD')
for price in prices
return entries
def extract_symbols(filename):
entries, _, _ = load_file(filename)
symbols = set(
h.currency for h in holdings.get_final_holdings(entries)
if h.account.startswith('Assets:') and 'Positions' in h.account
return symbols
def fetch_all(fetch_func, symbols):
symbols = symbols or []
entries = []
for symbol in symbols:
prices = fetch_func(symbol)
_entries = convert_prices(prices)
return entries
def main():
argparser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
symbol_source = argparser.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True)
symbol_source.add_argument('-f', '--from-file', help='read symbols from Beancount file')
symbol_source.add_argument('-s', '--symbols', metavar='SYMBOL', nargs='+', help='read symbols from command line')
argparser.add_argument('-l', '--list', action='store_true', help='only list symbols to fetch prices for')
args = argparser.parse_args()
if args.from_file:
symbols = extract_symbols(args.from_file)
elif args.symbols:
symbols = args.symbols
if not args.list:
entries = fetch_all(get_prices_from_iex, symbols)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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