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Upload files to using python
from requests import Session
import mimetypes
from pathlib import Path
Coded for
def get_mime(f):
return mimetypes.guess_type(f)[0]
s = Session()
api_key = "xxxx"
api_token = "xxxx"
req1_url = "" # get info needed for req2
data = {"api_key": api_key, "api_token": api_token}
req1 =, data=data).json()
if req1['status'] == 'success':
upload_key = req1['result']['upload_key']
cTracker = req1['result']['cTracker']
server_file = req1['result']['server_file']
max_mirrors = req1['result']['max_mirrors'] # max mirror allowed to upload
mirrors = list([k for k, v in req1['result']['mirrors'].items() if v])[:int(max_mirrors)] # create a list of enabled mirror id's with cap based on max_mirrors
if upload_key and cTracker and server_file and mirrors:
f = "C:/Users/0x/Desktop/A CARNE (letra e vídeo) com SEU JORGE, vídeo MOACIR SILVEIRA (320 kbps).mp3"
fn = Path(f).name
print("FILE NAME:", fn)
mime_type = get_mime(f)
print("MIME TYPE:", mime_type)
# file = {"files": open(f,'rb')} # also works
file = {'files': (fn, open(f,'rb'), mime_type)}
# file = {'files': ("new_filename.mp3", open(f,'rb'), mime_type)} # also works
data = {"api_key": api_key, "api_token": api_token, "cTracker": cTracker, "upload_key": upload_key, "mirrors[]": mirrors}
req2 =, files=file, data=data).json()
if req2['status'] == 'success':
# {'status': 'success', 'result': {'name': 'A CARNE (letra e vídeo) com SEU JORGE, vídeo MOACIR SILVEIRA (320 kbps).mp3', 'size': 11929965, 'slug': '3Jcad', 'url': '', 'info': 'complete'}}
print("Error: ", req2)
print("Error data missing: ", upload_key, cTracker, server_file, mirrors)
print("Error: ", req1)
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