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Konstantin x2es

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echo "# This file is GENERATED, all changes would be overwritten by ~/bin/build_ssh_config, place config to ~/.ssh/config.d/ instead" > ~/.ssh/config
cat ~/.ssh/config.d/* >> ~/.ssh/config
x2es /
Created Jan 20, 2018 — forked from branneman/
Better local require() paths for Node.js

Better local require() paths for Node.js


When the directory structure of your Node.js application (not library!) has some depth, you end up with a lot of annoying relative paths in your require calls like:

var Article = require('../../../models/article');

Those suck for maintenance and they're ugly.

Possible solutions


actual RAM available

$ free | grep 'buffers/cache' | awk '{ print $4 }'
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<link rel="import" href="../topeka-elements/category-images.html">
<link rel="import" href="../core-icon/core-icon.html">
<link rel="import" href="../core-icons/core-icons.html">
<link rel="import" href="../core-icons/av-icons.html">
<link rel="import" href="../paper-fab/paper-fab.html">
<polymer-element name="my-element">
x2es / la_control.rb
Created Feb 23, 2011
Controls server load by 1min load average bounds using SIGSTOP and SIGCONT signals
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# -- 8< --
# Original source:
# Author: x@ES (
# This is draft.
# For load test you can run in therminal
# $ perl -e '$|=1;do{$l==$r or print "."; $l=$r}until(($r=time-$^T)>5000)'
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