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Created Sep 12, 2013
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Source files for my latest blog post on working with assembly routines and C on Mac OS X -
global _my_pow
section .text
push rbp ; create stack frame
mov rbp, rsp
cmp edi, 0 ; Check if base is negative
mov eax, 0 ; and return 0 if so
jl end
mov eax, edi ; grab the "base" argument
mov edx, esi ; grab the "exponent" argument
imul eax, edi ; eax * base
sub esi, 1 ; exponent - 1
cmp esi, 1 ; Loop if exponent > 1
jg multiply
pop rbp ; restore the base pointer
all: run
run: clean test
test: asm.o test.o
clang -o test asm.o test.o
nasm -f macho64 asm.s
clang -o test.o -c test.c
rm *.o test
#include <stdio.h>
extern int my_pow(int base, int exp);
int main(int argc, char const *argv[]) {
int base, exp, result;
base = 2;
exp = 8;
result = my_pow(base,exp);
printf("Result: %d\n", result);
return 0;
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