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A little shell script for hammering the dvdstore database on Postgres
#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 <iterations>"
exit 1
# Display product ID, category, title, price, num orders
# ordered by top products limit 10
function top_products(){
cat <<-EOF
select p.prod_id, p.category, p.title, p.price, sum(quantity) as qty
from products as p
inner join orderlines as o on(p.prod_id=o.prod_id)
group by p.prod_id
order by sum(quantity) desc
limit 10 offset 0
function top_actors(){
cat <<-EOF
select actor from products group by actor order by count(*) desc limit 10 offset 0
function recent_orders(){
cat <<-EOF
select d.orderid, d.orderdate,
(select c.firstname || ' ' || c.lastname
from customers as c where c.customerid=d.customerid) as name,
count(*) as items, sum(quantity) as qty
from orders as d
inner join orderlines as o on(o.orderid=d.orderid)
group by d.orderid
order by d.orderdate desc limit 10 offset 0
function order_history(){
cat <<-EOF
select c.customerid, c.firstname || ' ' || c.lastname as name,
d.orderid, d.orderdate
from customers as c
inner join cust_hist as h on h.customerid=c.customerid
inner join orders as d on d.orderid=h.orderid
where h.customerid = cast(random()*10000 as integer)
order by d.orderdate desc
while [ "${i:=0}" -lt "$1" ]; do
order_history | psql -h >/dev/null &
recent_orders | psql -h >/dev/null &
top_actors | psql -h >/dev/null &
top_products | psql -h >/dev/null &
echo $i
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