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Last active April 28, 2023 15:31
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I use DigitalOcean, create a Droplet, verify the build and destroy it afterwards. You can do this on macOS or Linux as well. Use "brew" to install on macOS.

Let's go.

  1. Create a Droplet on DigitalOcean
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, x64, more RAM = faster build
  1. Install Docker, ..
  • $ wget$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)
  • $ mv docker-machine-Linux-x86_64 docker-machine
  • $ chmod +x docker-machine
  • $ sudo mv docker-machine /usr/local/bin
  • $ docker-machine version
  • apt install docker make Output, similar to "docker-machine version 0.14.0, build 89b8332"
  1. Follow Coldcard's instruction

Here is a video of the process described, 2021-09-02, Coldcard v4.1.3:

More builds can be found on my YouTube Channel and on

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xavierfiechter commented Apr 28, 2023

Use make -f MK4-Makefile repro or make -f MK4-Makefile repro, depending on what you intend to build. However, "2022-05-04T1254-v5.0.3-mk3-coldcard.dfu" seems the last mk3 release on the list.

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Send me some sats: lnurl1dp68gurn8ghj7ampd3kx2ar0veekzar0wd5xjtnrdakj7tnhv4kxctttdehhwm30d3h82unvwqhhxmrfva58gumrwfjk2m34xgfgqgqd

Thank you.

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