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IO code to interpret JS style hashes
# Code to interpret javascript style hashes, without having to source them from
# a different file (as happens when you use the operator table. The key
# does not have to be surrounded in quotes.
# {key: "my value}
# Resolver is a proxy object needed to figure out the key of a pair.
Resolver := Object clone
Resolver resolve := method(
# Jiggery-pokery to extract name and value from the message without eval-ing it
# Eval the message in the context of the sender just once, since the message
# will be a variable pointing at the code we actually want, such as "a
# : 1". This resultant Message is not eval'ed yet.
name := call sender doMessage(call message arguments at(0))
# This will include the : message as the first thing, but that is skipped
# by the definition of : on Resolved
value := name next
# Just take the first token for name (setNext with no arg sets it to nil)
name setNext
Map clone atPut(
doMessage(name) asString, # Eval the name, unquoted messages will fall through to #forward below
doMessage(value) # Eval the value, will fall through to #: below
# Pass over the : method silently by simply calling the next message in
# the chain (the value).
Resolver : := method(
# Don't execute value in the context of the resolver, we don't want method
# missing behaviour.
Object (call message next)
# Support string keys without surrounding "" by returning the name of the
# method. Defined variables of actual Strings/Numbers will not trigger this
# method, and will evaluate to themselves.
Resolver forward := method(
call message name
curlyBrackets := method(
m := Map clone
call message arguments foreach(x,
m mergeInPlace(Resolver resolve(x))
# Adapted from
assert := method (
actual := self clone doMessage (call message argAt(0))
expected := call sender doMessage (call message argAt(1))
if (expected != actual,
writeln (
self type .. ": ",
call message argAt(0) code,
" ==> ", actual, " not ", expected
Exception raise ("Assert Failed", self type .. ": " .. call message argAt(0) code)
assertRaise := method (
if(try( self clone doMessage(call message argAt(0))) not,
Exception raise("Assert Failed", self type .. ": " .. call message argAt(0) code)
d := 4
{a: 1, b: 1+1, "c": "3", "d": d, "e": {a: 6}} do(
assert(at("a"), 1)
assert(at("b"), 2)
assert(at("c"), "3")
assert(at("d"), 4)
assert(at("e") at("a"), 6)
assertRaise({"a": a})
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