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Prestashop autocompletion
class AbstractLogger extends AbstractLoggerCore {}
class Address extends AddressCore {}
class AddressFormat extends AddressFormatCore {}
class AdminTab extends AdminTabCore {}
class Alias extends AliasCore {}
class Attachment extends AttachmentCore {}
class Attribute extends AttributeCore {}
class AttributeGroup extends AttributeGroupCore {}
class Backup extends BackupCore {}
class Blowfish extends BlowfishCore {}
class Cache extends CacheCore {}
class CacheFS extends CacheFSCore {}
class Carrier extends CarrierCore {}
class CarrierModule extends CarrierModuleCore {}
class Cart extends CartCore {}
class Category extends CategoryCore {}
class Chart extends ChartCore {}
class CMS extends CMSCore {}
class CMSCategory extends CMSCategoryCore {}
class Combination extends CombinationCore {}
class CompareProduct extends CompareProductCore {}
class Configuration extends ConfigurationCore {}
class ConfigurationTest extends ConfigurationTestCore {}
class Connection extends ConnectionCore {}
class ConnectionsSource extends ConnectionsSourceCore {}
class Contact extends ContactCore {}
class ControllerFactory extends ControllerFactoryCore {}
class Cookie extends CookieCore {}
class Country extends CountryCore {}
class County extends CountyCore {}
class Currency extends CurrencyCore {}
class Customer extends CustomerCore {}
class CustomerMessage extends CustomerMessageCore {}
class CustomerThread extends CustomerThreadCore {}
class Customization extends CustomizationCore {}
class DateRange extends DateRangeCore {}
class Db extends DbCore {}
class Delivery extends DeliveryCore {}
class Discount extends DiscountCore {}
class Employee extends EmployeeCore {}
class Feature extends FeatureCore {}
class FeatureValue extends FeatureValueCore {}
class FileLogger extends FileLoggerCore {}
class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore {}
class Group extends GroupCore {}
class GroupReduction extends GroupReductionCore {}
class Guest extends GuestCore {}
class HelpAccess extends HelpAccessCore {}
class Helper extends HelperCore {}
class Hook extends HookCore {}
class Image extends ImageCore {}
class ImageType extends ImageTypeCore {}
class ImportModule extends ImportModelCore {}
class index extends indexCore {}
class Language extends LanguageCore {}
class Link extends LinkCore {}
class LocalizationPack extends LocalizationPackCore {}
class Logger extends LoggerCore {}
class Mail extends MailCore {}
class Manufacturer extends ManufacturerCore {}
class MCached extends MCachedCore {}
class Message extends MessageCore {}
class Meta extends MetaCore {}
class ModuleGraph extends ModuleGraphCore {}
class ModuleGraphEngine extends ModuleGraphEngineCore {}
class ModuleGrid extends ModuleGridCore {}
class ModuleGridEngine extends ModuleGridEngineCore {}
class MySQL extends MySQLCore {}
class ObjectModel extends ObjectModelCore {}
class Order extends OrderCore {}
class OrderDetail extends OrderDetailCore {}
class OrderDiscount extends OrderDiscountCore {}
class OrderHistory extends OrderHistoryCore {}
class OrderMessage extends OrderMessageCore {}
class OrderReturn extends OrderReturnCore {}
class OrderReturnState extends OrderReturnStateCore {}
class OrderSlip extends OrderSlipCore {}
class OrderState extends OrderStateCore {}
class Pack extends PackCore {}
class Page extends PageCore {}
class PaymentCC extends PaymentCCCore {}
class PaymentModule extends PaymentModuleCore {}
class PDF extends PDFCore {}
class Product extends ProductCore {}
class ProductDownload extends ProductDownloadCore {}
class ProductSale extends ProductSaleCore {}
class Profile extends ProfileCore {}
class QuickAccess extends QuickAccessCore {}
class RangePrice extends RangePriceCore {}
class RangeWeight extends RangeWeightCore {}
class Referrer extends ReferrerCore {}
class Rijndael extends RijndaelCore {}
class Scene extends SceneCore {}
class Search extends SearchCore {}
class SearchEngine extends SearchEngineCore {}
class Shop extends ShopCore {}
class SpecificPrice extends SpecificPriceCore {}
class State extends StateCore {}
class StockMvt extends StockMvtCore {}
class StockMvtReason extends StockMvtReasonCore {}
class Store extends StoreCore {}
class SubDomain extends SubDomainCore {}
class Supplier extends SupplierCore {}
class Tab extends TabCore {}
class Tag extends TagCore {}
class Tax extends TaxCore {}
class TaxRule extends TaxRuleCore {}
class TaxRulesGroup extends TaxRulesGroupCore {}
class Tools extends ToolsCore {}
class TranslatedConfiguration extends TranslatedConfigurationCore {}
class Upgrader extends UpgraderCore {}
class Validate extends ValidateCore {}
class WebserviceException extends WebserviceExceptionCore {}
class WebserviceKey extends WebserviceKeyCore {}
class WebserviceOutputBuilder extends WebserviceOutputBuilderCore {}
class WebserviceOutputInterface extends WebserviceOutputInterfaceCore {}
class WebserviceOutputXML extends WebserviceOutputXMLCore {}
class WebserviceRequest extends WebserviceRequestCore {}
class WebserviceSpecificManagementImages extends WebserviceSpecificManagementImagesCore {}
class WebserviceSpecificManagementInterface extends WebserviceSpecificManagementInterfaceCore {}
class WebserviceSpecificManagementSearch extends WebserviceSpecificManagementSearchCore {}
class Zone extends ZoneCore {}
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unlocomqx commented Dec 13, 2013

Brilliant ! I should've had this for a while.

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prestancedesign commented Jul 25, 2014

Yeah brillant idea ! So I can use code completion with SublimeCodintel (sublime text plugin).
Thank you !

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