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Created Feb 6, 2017
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Tiny Event Emitter
* TinyEE - A tiny event emitter using Map.
class TinyEE {
constructor() {
// Where we will store the events = new Map();
on(eventName, action) {
if(typeof action !== 'function') {
throw new Error(`Event ${eventName} must be a function, got ${typeof action}.`);
// Set the event with it's callback in the map, action);
emit(eventName, ...args) {
// Return the callback function so we can call it
const event =;
if(typeof event !== 'function') {
throw new Error(`Event ${eventName} doesn't exist.`);
// Call the function with the passed arguments
eventToCall.apply(null, args);
remove(event) {
// Remove the event from our Map, returns false if it doesn't exist
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