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Created December 16, 2020 07:04
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function Find-AVSignature {
Locates single Byte AV signatures utilizing the same method as DSplit from "class101" on
Authors: Chris Campbell (@obscuresec) & Matt Graeber (@mattifestation)
License: BSD 3-Clause
A script to locate tiny AV signatures.
.PARAMETER Startbyte
Specifies the first byte to begin splitting on.
Specifies the last byte to split on.
Specifies the interval size to split with.
Specifies the path to the binary you want tested.
Optionally specifies the directory to write the binaries to.
Forces the script to continue without confirmation.
PS C:\> Find-AVSignature -Startbyte 0 -Endbyte max -Interval 10000 -Path c:\test\exempt\nc.exe
PS C:\> Find-AVSignature -StartByte 10000 -EndByte 20000 -Interval 1000 -Path C:\test\exempt\nc.exe -OutPath c:\test\output\run2 -Verbose
PS C:\> Find-AVSignature -StartByte 16000 -EndByte 17000 -Interval 100 -Path C:\test\exempt\nc.exe -OutPath c:\test\output\run3 -Verbose
PS C:\> Find-AVSignature -StartByte 16800 -EndByte 16900 -Interval 10 -Path C:\test\exempt\nc.exe -OutPath c:\test\output\run4 -Verbose
PS C:\> Find-AVSignature -StartByte 16890 -EndByte 16900 -Interval 1 -Path C:\test\exempt\nc.exe -OutPath c:\test\output\run5 -Verbose
Several of the versions of "DSplit.exe" available on the internet contain malware.
[CmdletBinding()] Param(
[Parameter(Mandatory = $True)] [Int32] $StartByte,
[Parameter(Mandatory = $True)] [String] $EndByte,
[Parameter(Mandatory = $True)] [Int32] $Interval,
[Parameter(Mandatory = $False)] [String] $Path = ($pwd.path),
[Parameter(Mandatory = $False)] [String] $OutPath = ($pwd),
[Switch] $Force = $False
#test variables
if (!(Test-Path $Path)) {Throw "File path not found"}
$Response = $True
if (!(Test-Path $OutPath)) {}
if ( $Force -or ( $Response = $psCmdlet.ShouldContinue("The `"$OutPath`" does not exist! Do you want to create the directory?",""))){new-item ($OutPath)-type directory}
if (!$Response) {Throw "Output path not found"}
if (!(Get-ChildItem $Path).Exists) {Throw "File not found"}
[Int32] $FileSize = (Get-ChildItem $Path).Length
if ($StartByte -gt ($FileSize - 1) -or $StartByte -lt 0) {Throw "StartByte range must be between 0 and $Filesize"}
[Int32] $MaximumByte = (($FileSize) - 1)
if ($EndByte -ceq "max") {$EndByte = $MaximumByte}
if ($EndByte -gt $FileSize -or $EndByte -lt 0) {Throw "EndByte range must be between 0 and $Filesize"}
#read in byte array
[Byte[]] $FileByteArray = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($Path)
#find the filename for the output name
[String] $FileName = (Split-Path $Path -leaf).Split('.')[0]
#Calculate the number of binaries
[Int32] $ResultNumber = [Math]::Floor(($EndByte - $StartByte) / $Interval)
if (((($EndByte - $StartByte) % $Interval)) -gt 0) {$ResultNumber = ($ResultNumber + 1)}
#Prompt user to verify parameters to avoid writing binaries to the wrong directory
$Response = $True
if ( $Force -or ( $Response = $psCmdlet.ShouldContinue("This script will result in $ResultNumber binaries being written to `"$OutPath`"!",
"Do you want to continue?"))){}
if (!$Response) {Return}
Write-Verbose "This script will now write $ResultNumber binaries to `"$OutPath`"."
[Int32] $Number = [Math]::Floor($Endbyte/$Interval)
#write out the calculated number of binaries
[Int32] $i = 0
for ($i -eq 0; $i -lt $ResultNumber; $i++)
[Int32] $SplitByte = (($StartByte) + (($Interval) * ($i)))
Write-Verbose "Byte 0 -> $($SplitByte)"
[IO.File]::WriteAllBytes((Join-Path $OutPath "$($FileName)_$($SplitByte).bin"), $FileByteArray[0..($SplitByte)])
#Write out the final binary
[IO.File]::WriteAllBytes((Join-Path $OutPath "$($FileName)_$($EndByte).bin"), $FileByteArray[0..($EndByte)])
Write-Verbose "Byte 0 -> $($EndByte)"
Write-Verbose "Files written to disk. Flushing memory."
#During testing using large binaries, memory usage was excessive so lets fix that
Write-Verbose "Completed!"
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