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# move 3
If Vis plays a6 go for a4 as I don't want b5 and a big queen side attack he can lock down
d6 e6 or Qb6 I play Nc3 (I feel there's some gambit here I should know...?)
Play e4 at some point to reinforce centre
if b5 go for f3 e4 and make his light square bishop useless
# move 4
gonna probably want an e4 provided he plays d6, any moves for a big queenside attack take the pawn
# move 14
Bh3 Ne2? Aim for knight on f4 and reposition bishop on f4?
maybe double rooks on e file and go for bishop as it's useless there, but he has a one move defence for that.
Knight might be good on d4..
Oh maybe Qd4 Ne4 Bd2 Bc3 to line up a big battery.
Battery plus doubled rooks would be good
# move 19
So I could maybe Bxg6 because of:
Bxg6 fxg6
Bxe5 (Nxe5 or dx5)
The pawn doesn't protect e6 so I can hit queen and both rooks at once
Of course there's Nxg6 which would then mean I need to drop my bishop back. So maybe Bxe5 or ultra spicy Be6
Maybe Bxe5 Nxe5 f4 (knight runs away is Nd3 smart...?)
# move 25
probably g6? Prevents vis playing it which would freeze my pawns down that end. Qe2 would target two vulnerable pawns though (but if I took h5 my queen can end up boxed in giving him a fast attack)
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