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Simple program to add two numbers and say them for my 5 y/o daughter.
run() {
Q1="Enter a first number:"
echo $Q1
say $Q1
read A
say $A
Q2="Enter a second number $1:"
echo $Q2
say $Q2
read B
say $B
echo "Result:"
ANSWER="$A + $B = $RES"
echo $ANSWER
say "Did you know that $1?"
sleep 1
echo ""
say "Play again!"
run $1
Q1="What is your name?"
echo $Q1
say $Q1
read NAME
A1="Nice to meet you $NAME!"
echo $A1
say $A1
echo ""
run $NAME

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@madprog madprog commented Aug 25, 2018

I had to prepend this to make it work on Linux:

say() {
    espeak "$*" >/dev/null 2>&1

And install (apt-get install espeak or pacman install espeak or ...)

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