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Created Jan 16, 2021
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The Watch History playlist:

The HL list does not exist anymore, most probably because YouTube moved it’s history into, a central place where you can find every activity related to your Google account.

The Watch Later playlist:

It is the same WL as back in 2019.

The Liked Videos playlist:

Things got a bit simpler, and the liked playlist now simply has the ID LL.

The Uploads playlist:

This also got simpler. Now you only have to change the second character of the channel ID from the char “C”, to the char “U”:

// today you just have to change the second char to get the ID of the “Uploads” playlist
“UCBvX9uEO0a3fZNCK12MAgug” -> ”UUBvX9uEO0a3fZNCK12MAgug”

Getting the channel ID for custom URLs:

If the channel has a custom URL like, just search the page source for browseId.

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