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Created October 13, 2020 11:56
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Twee file publishable on Itch (compiling with Tweego)
:: Stylesheet [stylesheet]
body {
overflow-y: scroll;
:: Script [script]
var audio = document.createElement('audio');
audio.src = 'background.ogg';
audio.loop = true;
audio.autoplay = true;;
:: StoryData
"ifid": "5ED609D9-B6B3-4D6D-AF06-CC021648758C",
"format": "Harlowe",
"format-version": "3.1.0",
"start": "Start"
:: StoryTitle
:: Start
Legend tells of a treasure called Wynn, hidden in the darkest depths of the Staralfur caves.
They say that it can grant the bearer whatever their heart's desire. However, the location of these caves are only known to a chosen few; it is said that the major wars throughout ancient history were fought over possession of knowledge of the cave's location.
Legend tells the prophecy that one day, a hero who possesses the both the guile to obtain that knowledge and the heart to delve its depths will retrieve Wynn, eradicate all plagues from earth and bring peace to mankind once again.
<img src="title-screen.png" width="500" height="500" alt="Title Screen">
Adventurer! Are you ready to rise to the challenge of retrieving this grand treasure?
[[Yes!|What's your name?]]
:: What's your name?
(set: $name to (prompt: "Great! Remind me: what is your name again?", ""))
So... your name is (print: $name) eh?
[[no|What's your name?]]
:: Intro
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