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Created Nov 18, 2013
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# A sample Guardfile
# More info at
ignore %r{_flymake\.}
ignore %r{\.#}
guard 'livereload' do
# Guard::Compass
# You don't need to configure watchers for guard 'compass' declaration as they generated
# from your Compass configuration file. You might need to define the Compass working directory
# and point to the configuration file depending of your project structure.
# Available options:
# * working_directory: Define the Compass working directory, relative to the Guardfile directory
# * configuration_file: Path to the Compass configuration file, relative to :project_path
# Like usual, the Compass configuration path are relative to the :project_path
guard 'compass', project_path: 'themes/antennemast', configuration_file: 'themes/antennemast/config/compass.rb'
guard :compass
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