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TODOs, ideas and suggestions for Resurrection Remix ROM
- DONE - ability to move clear all button
- DONE - Active display
- DONE - Persist battery indicator across reboots
- DONE - Add ability to quick unlock
- DONE - Move navigation bar height
- DONE - Reorder menu - integrate features under 'interface'
- DONE - Center clock
- DONE - AM/PM Option
- DONE - Fixed blur screen to presist after reboots
- DONE - Add more animation scaling factors in developer settings
- DONE - Remove 3 dot overlay checkbox
- DONE - Add option to quick unlock device in lock screen
- DONE - Swipe anywhere on notification panel to switch views
- DONE - Update changelog in RR settings
- DONE - Compile all builds with linaro
- OmniTorch
- Add ability to make all notifications as expanded
- Decompile and edit UpdateMe.apk
- fix translucent decor on recent panel
- Squisher
- REVERTED - Updated DSPManager (giving build errors, needs fixes - will fix it later)
- REVERTED - Update alert dialog UI to reflect kitkat (removes blue theme in dialog boxes and changes to gray)
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