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Steps to Translate Resurrection Tools

Resurrection Remix ROM

Steps to Translate

Follow the steps -

  • Visit this link -

  • Click on "Raw" and copy paste everything in a text file on your PC.

  • Edit the strings in between the tags. For example -

      <string name="share_rr_summary"><i><b>Let people know you use Resurrection Remix ROM</b></i></string>
      when translated in French would become 
      <string name="share_rr_summary"><i><b>Laissez les gens savent que vous utilisez Résurrection Remix ROM</b></i></string>
      That's all you have to change - the text in between the tags.
      Edit all (or as many) strings as possible in your local language.
  • Save the new file as

      Replace the last two characters according to your language (fr = french).
      If you don't know what two characters are to be written, 
      just send us the translated resurrection_strings-xx.xml to us and let us know the language, we'll manage from there.
  • Send the file to us, either through XDA Private Messages or post on Google+ and(or) Facebook Community pages. You can send the PM on XDA to either xenon92 or westcrip.

  • You can also send us pull requests on Github by forking our Settings app.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Credits will given to all the contributors in the Official Changelog as well as on the community pages of Resurrection Remix ROM.

Help us personalize! :)

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