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Created Feb 22, 2017
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Setup Cachet on Docker
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Following the steps on
setup () {
git clone cachet-docker
cd cachet-docker
LATEST_TAG=$(git tag -l | grep -i '^v' | sort | tail -n 1)
# Checkout latest source tag
git checkout $LATEST_TAG
# build containers
docker-compose build
# start service
docker-compose up -d
# give cachet time to start
sleep 5
# generate key
docker exec -i cachetdocker_cachet_1 php artisan key:generate
# install
docker exec -i cachetdocker_cachet_1 php artisan app:install
start () {
cd cachet-docker
docker-compose up -d
stop () {
cd cachet-docker
docker-compose down
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