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git graph live log
while true;
git log \
--graph \
--all \
--color \
--date=short \
-40 \
--pretty=format:"%C(yellow)%h%x20%C(white)%cd%C(green)%d%C(reset)%x20%s%x20%C(bold)(%an)%Creset" |
cat -
sleep 15

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@xero xero commented Oct 1, 2012

git live log bash script.
i like to run this in it's own terminal window, the graph updates every 15 seconds and give you a nice visual overview of your git repository. the -40 is the number of commits to show. if you omit it and your have a very large number of commits the log will cycle off screen. edit it to fit your personal taste / terminal screen size.

credit for the idea goes to ben hoskings' omglog ( i saw him use it in the advanced git class
from peepcode, and i though... i could do that in bash, no need for ruby gems. and so it is.

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