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Last active Jun 29, 2020

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artisan keycap wishlist

artisan keycap wishlist

sorted artist > sculpt then by colorway desire


daphy v2

duck flick
3rd eye third eye

ritual master


colorway vision
black #1 black #1
spectral_depths spectral_depths
stargazer stargazer
5 stack blues 5 stack blues
dimir dimir
soot soot
esper esper
festivus miracle festivus miracle
darksided darksided
melange melange

hello caps!


colorway qt
lime lime
coralshire 😭 coralshire
cheshire cheshire
luna luna
grim reaper grim reaper
artemis artemis
diana diana



colorway needles
any green clactuar


grail key

😭 i traded this key and miss him

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