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xguse /
Created Sep 22, 2020
pheno_tools install scripts
xguse / g1kv37_vs_hg19.tsv
Last active Jun 15, 2016 — forked from lindenb/
md5sums and bash pipeline for confirming chromosome validity for human_g1k_v37.fasta
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1b22b98cdeb4a9304cb5d48026a85128 1 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:1:1:249250621:1 chr1
988c28e000e84c26d552359af1ea2e1d 10 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:10:1:135534747:1 chr10
98c59049a2df285c76ffb1c6db8f8b96 11 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:11:1:135006516:1 chr11
06cbf126247d89664a4faebad130fe9c GL000202.1 dna:supercontig supercontig::GL000202.1:1:40103:1 chr11_gl000202_random
51851ac0e1a115847ad36449b0015864 12 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:12:1:133851895:1 chr12
283f8d7892baa81b510a015719ca7b0b 13 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:13:1:115169878:1 chr13
98f3cae32b2a2e9524bc19813927542e 14 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:14:1:107349540:1 chr14
e5645a794a8238215b2cd77acb95a078 15 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:15:1:102531392:1 chr15
fc9b1a7b42b97a864f56b348b06095e6 16 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:16:1:90354753:1 chr16
351f64d4f4f9ddd45b35336ad97aa6de 17 dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:17:1:81195210:1 chr17
xguse /
Last active Jun 11, 2016
# Gus
def m(y=3.65E4):
return y - 1
# Rei
xguse / .condarc
Created Oct 6, 2015
condarc starter
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- r
- pandas
- defaults
show_channel_urls: True
# Maintainer: Meow < at gmail dot com >
# Get download links and md5 sums for latest version of RStudio desktop
cat <<_EOF_ >/dev/null
## R code #############
page = htmlTreeParse("",useInternalNodes = T)
links = sapply(getNodeSet(page,'//table[@class="downloads"]/thead/tr/th[text()="Installers"]/../../..//a[contains(@href,".deb")]'),xmlGetAttr,'href')
md5sums = sapply(getNodeSet(page,'//table[@class="downloads"]/thead/tr/th[text()="Installers"]/../../..//a[contains(@href,".deb")]/../..//code'),xmlValue)

Having trouble installing the latest stable version of tmux?

I know, official package for your OS/distro is outdated and you just want the newest version of tmux.

Well, this script should save you some time with that.


  • gcc
xguse / easybuild-oeMnPd.log
Created Apr 16, 2015
eb goolf-1.4.10-no-OFED.eb -r
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
== 2015-04-16 14:35:02,200 main INFO This is EasyBuild 2.0.0 (framework: 2.0.0, easyblocks: 2.0.0) on host jupiter.
== 2015-04-16 14:35:02,201 main INFO Command line: --buildpath=/home/gus/.local/stow/eb_install_prefix/easybuild/build --configfiles=/home/gus/.config/easybuild/config.cfg --installpath=/home/gus/.local/stow/eb_install_prefix/easybuild --modules-tool=Lmod --prefix=/home/gus/.local/stow/eb_install_prefix/easybuild --repositorypath=/home/gus/.local/stow/eb_install_prefix/easybuild/ebfiles_repo --robot=/home/gus/.local/easybuild/easyconfigs --sourcepath=/home/gus/.local/stow/eb_install_prefix/easybuild/sources goolf-1.4.10-no-OFED.eb
== 2015-04-16 14:35:02,201 main INFO Using /tmp/eb-7Fsezq as temporary directory
== 2015-04-16 14:35:02,205 INFO Using robot path(s): ['/home/gus/.local/easybuild/easyconfigs']
== 2015-04-16 14:35:02,208 main.filetools INFO Command /home/gus/.local/lmod/5.9.3/libexec/lmod found at /home/gus/.local/lmod/5.9.3/libexec/lmod
xguse / easybuild-oeMnPd.log
Created Apr 16, 2015
2015-04-16 14:36:26,482 main ERROR EasyBuild crashed with an error (at easybuild/ in build_and_install_software): Build of /home/gus/.local/easybuild/easyconfigs/g/GCC/GCC-4.7.2.eb failed (err: 'build failed (first 300 chars): EasyBuild crashed with an error (at easybuild/tools/ in parse_cmd_output): cmd " make -j 4 bootstra…
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xguse / git-2.3.4-goolf-1.4.10.GUS.eb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
View git-2.3.4-goolf-1.4.10.GUS.eb
# This file is an EasyBuild reciPY as per
# Copyright:: Copyright 2012-2014 Uni.Lu/LCSB, NTUA
# Authors:: Fotis Georgatos <>
# Authors:: Dmitri Gribenko <>
# License:: MIT/GPL
# $Id$
# This work implements a part of the HPCBIOS project and is a component of the policy:
xguse / gist:7078cc1704ecd5514066
Created Mar 25, 2015
View gist:7078cc1704ecd5514066
LINK git-credential-cache--daemon
LINK git-remote-http
LINK git
LINK test-chmtime
LINK test-ctype
LINK test-config
LINK test-date
LINK test-delta
LINK test-dump-cache-tree
LINK test-dump-split-index