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top 5 underdogs
Top 5 Underdog Stories
1. Zhou Jun Xun wins LG cup
No one from outside Japan, South Korea, China has ever won an international title until Zhou Jun Xun from Taiwan. He was the first 9 dan from Taiwan and he has an unmistakable large red birth mark on his face. On his way to LG cup victory he defeated Lee Chang Ho and Lee Sedol. His most famous win was against Lee Sedol where he played a new move in the avanlanche
2. Ear-reddening
Shuwa was the up start who nobody expected could challenge the pre-Meijin
3. Go Seigen vs Shuko
When Go Seigen won the competition to ear the right to challenge Shuko. No one expected Go to win or perhaps come close to winning. Shuko played white and since there is no komi at the time, the only adavantage he had was that he could adjourn the game at any time. Go lost the game by 2 points.
4. Cho Chikun wins Samsung cup 2003
Samsung cup has a history of giving out wild cards to experienced players who are perhaps pass their prime. Getting a wild card usually means that you are a respected player but you won't expected to do well. When Cho Chikun received a wild card in 2003, no one thought that he could win. He made it all the way to the final against the Park Young Xun, who is considered the new emperor of end game (yose) having dethroned Lee Chang Ho. Cho Chikun won the final 2:1
5. Rin Kaiho vs Sakata
Sakata famously said "There can not be a Meijin under 30" before losing the deciding match against Rin Kaiho and hence had to relinquish his Meijin title to the Rin, who was 22.
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