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sgelob / user-timing-api-RUM-gtm.js
Last active Mar 14, 2021
Real User Monitoring of Web Performance with Navigation Timing API, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
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* user-timing-api-RUM-gtm.js 1.0.1
* Olegs Belousovs @sgelob
(function() {
"use strict";
// From –––>
var performance = window.performance || window.webkitPerformance || window.msPerformance || window.mozPerformance;
noodlebox / getOwnerInstance.js
Created Dec 30, 2016
How to use ReactJS from the wrong end
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// This is super hackish, and will likely break as Discord's internal API changes
// Anything using this or what it returns should be prepared to catch some exceptions
const getInternalInstance = e => e[Object.keys(e).find(k => k.startsWith("__reactInternalInstance"))];
function getOwnerInstance(e, {include, exclude=["Popout", "Tooltip", "Scroller", "BackgroundFlash"]} = {}) {
if (e === undefined) {
return undefined;
// Set up filter; if no include filter is given, match all except those in exclude