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Xiaoyun Yang xiaoyunyang

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duluca /
Last active Jul 23, 2021
Step-by-step Instructions to Setup an AWS ECS Cluster

Configuring AWS ECS to have access to AWS EFS

If you would like to persist data from your ECS containers, i.e. hosting databases like MySQL or MongoDB with Docker, you need to ensure that you can mount the data directory of the database in the container to volume that's not going to dissappear when your container or worse yet, the EC2 instance that hosts your containers, is restarted or scaled up or down for any reason.

Don't know how to create your own AWS ECS Cluster? Go here!

New Cluster

Sadly the EC2 provisioning process doesn't allow you to configure EFS during the initial config. After your create your cluster, follow the guide below.

New Task Definition for Web App

If you're using an Alpine-based Node server like duluca/minimal-node-web-server follow this guide:

Zenexer / Internet Slang and
Last active Jul 29, 2021
Internet slang, abbreviations, and emoticons
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Internet slang and abbreviations

Slang Variations In use? Meaning
|  ||
|| |_
| || || |_ Yes Loss
/s Yes Sarcasm (suffix)
3cool5u 3cool5me Yes "Too cool for you"; from "2cool4u"
420 Yes "Marijuana"
afaik Yes "As far as I know"
afk Yes "Away from keyboard"
derhuerst /
Last active Jul 30, 2021
Installing Git on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
kaisellgren / Signal.scala
Last active Jan 7, 2016
Academic Scala implementations of Functional Reactive Programming -- different Signal[A] and foldp[A, B] implementations as examples
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// This first Signal[A] impl. uses STM (Ref — transactional references).
class Signal[A](initial: A) {
type SignalListener = Function[A, Unit]
val value = Ref(initial)
val listeners = Ref(Seq[SignalListener]())
def set(newValue: A): Unit = {
// Atomically change the value within a transaction, blocks the thread, but a not an issue since it's a simple operation.