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Sub SetBackground()
targetNameArr = Array("Picture 6", "Content Placeholder 6")
Dim w As Integer
Dim h As Integer
w = ActivePresentation.PageSetup.SlideWidth
h = ActivePresentation.PageSetup.SlideHeight
Dim sld As Slide
Dim sh As Shape
For Each sld In ActivePresentation.Slides
For Each sh In sld.Shapes
For Each targetName In targetNameArr
If sh.Name = targetName Then
sh.Width = w
sh.Height = h
sh.ZOrder (msoSendToBack)
Set myRange = sld.Shapes.Range(Array(targetName))
myRange.Align msoAlignCenters, msoTrue
myRange.Align msoAlignMiddles, msoTrue
End If
End Sub
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