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Created December 25, 2021 03:05
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# Script to create Azure DSVM Spot instance with NVidia P100 GPU
read -p "Azure VM Name (default: dsvm): " vminput
while [ $password != $password2 ] ; do
read -s -p "Choose your Password: " password
read -s -p "Re-enter Password: " password2
echo "The following locations are available: "
az account list-locations --query "[].{DisplayName:displayName, Name:name}" -o table
read -p "Azure VM Zone (default:Australia East): " vmzoneinput
az group create --name $vmname -l $vmzone
echo "Creating Azure Data Science VM $vmname..."
# You can change the size parameter if you want something other than NVidia K80 GPU instance.
# NC series VMs provide GPU (including Tesla K80, V100) for deep learning.
# Here is the link for all available GPU:
# You can find Azure size labels by running Azure CLI command in Cloud Shell "az vm list-sizes -l westus2 -o table"
az vm create --name $vmname -g $vmname --image microsoft-dsvm:ubuntu-1804:1804:latest --priority Spot --size Standard_NC6s_v3 --eviction-policy Deallocate --storage-sku StandardSSD_LRS --os-disk-size-gb 150 --public-ip-address --admin-user xinzhel --admin-password $password
az vm open-port --name $vmname -g $vmname --port 8000
#echo "Installing fastai v2 and notebooks..."
#az vm extension set --resource-group $vmname --vm-name $vmname --name customScript --publisher Microsoft.Azure.Extensions --protected-settings '{"fileUris": [""],"commandToExecute": "./"}'
IP=$(az vm show -d -g ${vmname} --name ${vmname} --query publicIps -o tsv)
echo "You can now login to VM with SSH or use Jupyterhub by visiting https://${IP}:8000/ (Ignore self signed cert warnings)"
echo "Login userid is 'xinzhel' with password you entered above"
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