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Christian Ferrier xioustic

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This tool calculates hashes for ISO files using 7z's hashing capabilities.
Optionally it prompts the user to verify that the hash is valid (usually by checking Google).
- Gather info from user on the ISO file
- Distribution, Version, Architecture, URL Source(s), Hashes (Computed), Notes (Specifically, How Was Verified?)
[s] skip
[l] mark legacy
[d] set Distro
[v] set Version
xioustic / sort_views_per_day.js
Created Apr 5, 2019
Stardew Valley Forum Sort By Views per Day
View sort_views_per_day.js
(() => {
let listItemsElem = document.querySelector('.discussionListItems')
let listItems = [...listItemsElem.querySelectorAll('.discussionListItem')]
listItems = => {
let elems = {}
elems.listItem = listItem = listItem.querySelector('.DateTime')
elems.replies = listItem.querySelector('.stats .major dd')
elems.views = listItem.querySelector('.stats .minor dd')
View myanimelist_recommendation_accumulator.js
// this script is meant to be pasted into a MyAnimeList Anime page console
// it will accumulate the total number of recommendations for each recommendation
// it will copy this to clipboard to be pasted into another page
// then paste the script again to accumulate that page's recommendations
// and so on...
if (typeof totals === 'undefined') totals = {}
.map(e => {
# requires 'sox' package for 'play'
# alarm parameters
# target IP to watch
View mavericklabel_asset_tags_incremental_price_quote.js
// MaverickLabel Asset Tags Incremental Price Quote
// incrementally increases quantity for a quote
// when stopped, prints csv output
var gather, STOP
function start_iteration() {
STOP = 0
var gather = []
var old_price = false
xioustic /
Created Jun 16, 2018
self encrypted bash script
# gets the line number in this script of the "PAYLOAD:" line
echoPayloadLinenum() {
echo $(grep --text --line-number '^PAYLOAD:$' $0 | cut -d ':' -f 1)
# prints only the payload
echoPayload() {
local payload_linenum=$(echoPayloadLinenum)
local crypted_linenum=$((payload_linenum + 1))
xioustic / google_maps_timeline_to_csv.js
Last active Feb 19, 2018
think it's good to go...
View google_maps_timeline_to_csv.js
// hello
// i need to do taxes and i have to log my mileage retroactively
// my accountant said google timeline is fine
// google timeline is slow to iterate through by hand
// it's also slow to log by hand
// this script handles enough that i can put it in a csv file and work on it from there
var STOP_DATE = '2017-01-01'
var DEBUG = false

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am xioustic on github.
  • I am xioustic ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBdkzgaeGYJyIthtHJ6u6kQ4Bbwo6aYonOQHAJAIdwy7Qo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View tpb_searchjson.js
qsaArr = (el, query) =>
qsArr = (el, query) =>
var results = qsaArr(document, '#main-content > #searchResult > tbody > tr');
var resultsJson = => {
let obj = {}
obj.el = r = r.querySelector('.detName').textContent.trim()
obj.category = r.querySelector('.vertTh').textContent.trim()
obj.magnet = qsaArr(r, 'td > a').map(e => e.href)[0]
xioustic / subl.bat
Last active May 4, 2017
subl terminal alias for windows
View subl.bat
REM Place this somewhere on your PATH
@echo off
"C:\PATH\TO\Sublime Text\sublime_text.exe" %*
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