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Campfire script for Pomodoro
require 'rubygems'
require 'tinder'
campfire = 'ROOM_NAME', :token => 'TOKEN'
# or you can still use username/password and Tinder will look up your token
# campfire = 'mysubdomain', :username => 'user', :password => 'pass'
room = campfire.find_or_create_room_by_name 'Billetto Development'
name = ARGV[1]
duration = ARGV[2]
end_time = + (60*duration.to_i)
formated_end_time = end_time.strftime("%H:%M")
case ARGV[0]
when "start"
speak = "Started '#{name}' - Ends in #{duration} minutes at #{formated_end_time}"
when "reset"
speak = ""
when "stop"
speak = ""
room.speak "Pomodoro: #{speak}"
## Put into the Start field in the Scripts tab in Pomodoro
do shell script "ruby /path/to/esca.rb start \"$pomodoroName\" $duration"
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