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cybertk /
Created September 11, 2014 14:21
Create mocha test/suite at runtime
Mocha = require 'mocha'
Test = Mocha.Test
Suite = Mocha.Suite
mocha = new Mocha
suite = Suite.create mocha.suite, 'I am a dynamic suite'
suite.addTest new Test 'I am a dynamic test', ->
true.should.equal true
dogoku / A
Last active December 29, 2022 02:58 — forked from tiffon/Find Results.hidden-tmLanguage
Search result syntax highlighting for Sublime Text

#ST2/3 Search result syntax highlighting

##Introduction and disclaimer

This is gist contains an edited Find Results.hidden-tmLanguage which adds syntax highlighting to your ST search results. As far as I know, there is no plugin that does this and for that reason it needs to be done via config.

DISCLAIMER: Use this HACK at your risk and backup the original files you are about to mess with.

##Usage Guide for Sublime Text 2

jerrykrinock /
Last active July 12, 2023 17:38 — forked from robwierzbowski/
This script creates a new repo on, then pushes to it the local repo from the current directory. Fork of Some of Rob's lines just didn't work for me, and I made it more verbose while fixing. UPDATE 2017-06-30. No longer needed by Xcode users because this capability is built into Xcode 9 :)
# This script create a new repo on, then pushes the local repo from the current directory to the new remote.
# It is a fork of Some of Rob's lines just didn't work for me, and to fix them I needed to make it more verbose so that a mere electrical engineer could understand it.
# This script gets a username from .gitconfig. If it indicates that your default username is an empty string, you can set it with
# git config --add github.user YOUR_GIT_USERNAME
# Gather constant vars