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Trying Flow on my node.js code…Let’s see how this goes

Finding the getting started guide:

  1. google flow
  2. click “”
  3. was something else
  4. google flow javascript
  5. found
  6. Click “get started” and landed here

Following the guide:

First thoughts, okay this is for a new project, but I’m not making a new project, so adapting to my life. In this case we’ll try with my node.js project.

  1. touch .flowconfig
  2. npm install --save-dev flow-bin
  3. Add // @flow to my index.js file // seems gross to me, but doing it anyway
  4. Typing npm run-script flow thought maybe it would work, but it doesn’t. get “missing script: flow”
  5. Typing ./node_modules/.bin/flow instead (not from docs)
  6. lots of weird startup stuff…. “flow is still initializing”
  7. “Found 43 errors”
     ^ Unexpected end of input

     ^ Unexpected end of input
.... // goes on an on

Errors some pretty unrelated to anything I'm doing. Giving up.

Will Try Some More Things....

  1. google the error messages
  2. Found facebook/flow#1420 (comment) trying it
  3. "Found 49 errors" > 6 more errors than last time!!?!?
  4. Okay there's a not about the main field with that regex, trying another regex .*/node_modules/.*/\(lib\|test\).*\.json$
  5. "Found 36 errors" > hey progress
  6. Let's look at the last two
 60:     Promise.prototype.done.apply(this._promise, arguments);
                           ^^^^ property `done`. Property not found in
497: declare class Promise<+R> {
     ^ Promise. See lib: /private/tmp/flow/flowlib_22c9017e/core.js:497

 29:     return x !== 0 || 1 / (x: $FlowIssue) === 1 / (y: $FlowIssue);
  1. Seems like facebook is breaking flow. Pretty weird.
  2. Googling it.
  3. Found facebookarchive/draft-js#305
  4. @zpao says we need to update fbjs. I don't even use that dep directly, so I don't agree.
  5. Getting annoyed again, but running npm ls fbjs
p2pnodeweb@1.29.0 /Users/jamuferguson/dev/paypal/web
├─┬ flux@2.1.1
│ └─┬ fbemitter@2.0.2
│   └── fbjs@0.7.2 
└─┬ react@15.3.1
  └── fbjs@0.8.4 
  1. grep 'version":' ./node_modules/fbjs/package.json
  2. "0.1.0-alpha.7"
  3. Hmm, seems old npm i fbjs
  4. grep 'version":' ./node_modules/fbjs/package.json
  5. "version": "0.8.4"
  6. seems better, let's
  7. ./node_modules/.bin/flow
  8. "Found 38 Errors" > Okay ,that's 2 more than before" and more JSON errors in there

giving up again, for now

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xjamundx commented Aug 30, 2016

I guess we need to do this instead?

Replace next: function with next: Function

Weird that flow didn't mind the issue. Not actually seeing how to annotate functions very clearly. Looking here:

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this is totally fascinating.

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