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Demonstrates how to let Participants Database know there is a shortcode on a page (see comments for full explanation)
// check for a specific post ID, then fire the action if it matches
add_action( 'wp', function () {
global $post;
if ( $post->ID == 9627 ) {
do_action( 'pdb-shortcode_present');

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@xnau xnau commented Aug 22, 2020

Participants Database avoids loading it's content and assets on pages that don't have Participants Database content. Since the plugin is shortcode-based, it does this by inspecting the content of the current page and fires an action (pdb-shortcode_present) if a Participants Database shortcode is on the page.

With some types if shortcode placement (such as in a widget), the shortcode isn't actually in the page content, so the plugin doesn't know to load the assets. This code snippet provides a way to let Participants Database know it should load its assets on a particular page.

In the example, the page has an ID of 9727. Change that to be the post ID of the page you need the trigger the asset load on.

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