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Last active January 22, 2022 18:44
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Demonstrates a plugin for using database values to populate a dropdown control in Participants database.
* Plugin Name: PDB Volunteer Dropdown
* Description: load the registered volunteers into a Participants Database form dropdown
* sets our function to be called when the pdb-form_element_build_dropdown action
* is triggered by the form
* if your field is not a dropdown, change the action so it is triggered on the correct
* element, for example if the field is a multiselect checkbox, the action would be
* 'pdb-form_element_build_multi-checkbox'
add_action( 'pdb-form_element_build_dropdown', 'xnau_set_volunteer_dropdown_options');
* sets the options for the volunteer dropdown
* @param PDb_FormElement object $field the current field
function xnau_set_volunteer_dropdown_options ( $field )
if ( $field->name === 'volunteers' ) : // check for our dropdown field
global $wpdb; // grab the db helper object
* For multiselect fields, values that don't match the defined values for the
* field are dumped into the "other" element of the value array. In this case,
* we take the "other" value and make it into an array and add it to the main
* array of values so that they will show as selected in the form element.
if ( $field->is_multi( $field->form_element ) && isset( $field->value['other'] ) ) {
$field->value = array_merge( (array) $field->value, explode(',', $field->value['other'] ) );
* define the query for getting the list of volunteer names
* note that the $wpdb->prefix method is used to get the table
* prefix; this is so it will work on all WP installs
$query = '
SELECT first_name,last_name
FROM `' . $wpdb->prefix . 'participants_database`
WHERE form_type LIKE "%volunteer%" AND form_type NOT LIKE "%coordinator%"
// now execute the query and get the results
$raw_names = $wpdb->get_results( $query );
* now expand the result array into an array for the options property of the
* dropdown
$options = array();
foreach ( $raw_names as $record ) {
$options[] = $record->first_name . ' ' . $record->last_name;
// now set the field object with the new options list
$field->options = $options;
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xnau commented Jan 22, 2022

To add separate titles to the options, place the title in the key of the option in the options in this example:

$options[ ucwords( $record->first_name . ' ' . $record->last_name ) ] = $record->first_name . ' ' . $record->last_name;

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