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Notify the user when their record is updated by an admin
Plugin Name: Participants Database Update Notify
Description: Notifies the user when their record is updated
* before the update is stored, send an email notification to the participant
add_filter( 'pdb-before_submit_update', 'pdb_send_record_update_notification' );
* sends an email notification when a record is updated
* @param array $post the submitted record data
* @return array the new record data
function pdb_send_record_update_notification( $post )
if ( ! is_admin() || empty( $post['email'] ) ) {
* if we're not in the admin or if there is no email address to send to, do
* nothing and return
return $post;
* these three variables will need to be edited for your application
$subject = 'Your record has been updated';
$message = 'Dear [first_name] [last_name],
Your record has been updated.';
$from = 'Your Website <>';
* put it all together into the configuration array
$config = array(
'to' => $post['email'],
'from' => $from,
'subject' => $subject,
'template' => $message,
// send the email
PDb_Template_Email::send( $config, $post );
* return the record data so it can be saved
return $post;
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srikanthkosana commented Jul 6, 2017

hi sir,
I am working on a web application written in php & Mysql database and need to send a confirmation email to the user whenever the new event was approved by the admin. I used the above code but it is not working but there is no error showing. Can you please help me out. looking for your reply. Thanks.

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