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Created January 30, 2013 07:54
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Set the default en coding to UTF-8 in powershell. As seen in
$OutputEncoding = New-Object -typename System.Text.UTF8Encoding
[Console]::OutputEncoding = New-Object -typename System.Text.UTF8Encoding
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first line is irrelevant, right?

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Velocet commented Sep 30, 2016

I prefer writing it this way:

[Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8

Another way is to use

& "$env:windir\system32\" 65001

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@Tiliavir $OutputEncoding controlls how text is passed through pipes

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Memnarch commented Apr 3, 2018

Just leaving this as an alternative if it is required to start a Powershell childprocess instantly as UTF8 (including pipes) without running an external script:
Powershell.exe -NoExit -Command "$OutputEncoding = [Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8"

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ghost commented Jun 13, 2018

Add $env:LC_ALL='C.UTF-8' to your $profile.

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ghost commented Mar 24, 2019

"$OutputEncoding = [Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8"
This works...

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Add $env:LC_ALL='C.UTF-8' to your $profile.


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nexssp commented Apr 14, 2021

"$OutputEncoding = [Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8" works for me.

I have tried:

  • "$PSDefaultParameterValues = @{'Out-File:Encoding' = 'utf8'}" didn't work
  • "$PSDefaultParameterValues['Out-File:Encoding'] = 'utf8'" didn't work.

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[Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8

God bless your soul!

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$PSDefaultParameterValues['Out-File:Encoding'] = 'utf8'

worked for me for PowerShell 5.1, as per this doc

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Ended up using $PSDefaultParameterValues['*:Encoding'] = 'utf8' to set utf-8 to "to change the default encoding for all cmdlets that have the Encoding parameter". Also put it in the $profile file for persistence.

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You can also add [Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8 to the start of your powershell profile script.

Notepad $profile
If the file doesn't exist, create one
add [Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8 as the first line of the file`
restart powershell

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