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Created January 28, 2021 03:23
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(ns je.suis.un-petit-index
(:require [clojure.set :refer [intersection]]))
(defn- normalize-nfd [^String s]
(java.text.Normalizer/normalize s java.text.Normalizer$Form/NFD))
(defn- two-gram [cs]
(loop [acc (transient [])
[head & cs] cs]
(if cs
(recur (conj! acc [head (first cs)]) cs)
(defn- mkgrams
([s] (mkgrams s 6))
([s n]
(let [cs (vec (.toLowerCase (normalize-nfd (str s))))]
into #{}
(fn [acc _] (cons (two-gram (first acc)) acc))
(list cs)
(range 0 n))))))
(defn normalized-compare
([^String a ^String b] (normalized-compare a b 6))
([^String a ^String b n]
(let [sa (mkgrams a n)
sca (count sa)
sci (count (intersection sa (mkgrams b n)))]
(/ sci sca))))
(defn gramdb-to-index [db]
(fn [acc [k grams]]
(reduce #(update %1 %2 (fnil conj #{}) k) acc grams)) {} db))
(defn map-to-gramdb
([m] (map-to-gramdb m 6))
([m n]
(into {} (map (fn [[k v]] [k (mkgrams v n)]) m))))
(defn normalized-gramdb-query
([g q] (normalized-gramdb-query g q 6))
([g q n]
(let [qg (mkgrams q n)
qgc (count qg)]
(->> g
(pmap (fn [[k v]] [k (count (intersection qg v))]))
(filter (fn [[k v]] (not (zero? v))))
(pmap (fn [[k v]] [k (/ v qgc)]))
(into {})))))
(defn normalized-index-query
([i q] (normalized-index-query i q 6))
([i q n]
(let [qg (mkgrams q n)
qgc (count qg)]
(->> (select-keys i qg)
(apply concat)
(pmap (fn [[k v]] [k (/ v qgc)]))
(into {})))))
(let [database
:제26조1 "모든 사람은 교육을 받을 권리를 가진다 . 교육은 최소한 초등 및 기초단계에서는 무상이어야 한다. 초등교육은 의무적이어야 한다. 기술 및 직업교육은 일반적으로 접근이 가능하여야 하며, 고등교육은 모든 사람에게 실력에 근거하여 동등하게 접근 가능하여야 한다."
:제26조2 "교육은 인격의 완전한 발전과 인권과 기본적 자유에 대한 존중의 강화를 목표로 한다. 교육은 모든 국가 , 인종 또는 종교 집단간에 이해, 관용 및 우의를 증진하며 , 평화의 유지를 위한 국제연합의 활동을 촉진하여야 한다."
:제26조3 "부모는 자녀에게 제공되는 교육의 종류를 선택할 우선권을 가진다 ."
:제27조1 "모든 사람은 공동체의 문화생활에 자유롭게 참여하며 예술을 향유하고 과학의 발전과 그 혜택을 공유할 권리를 가진다 ."
:제27조2 "모든 사람은 자신이 창작한 과학적 , 문학적 또는 예술적 산물로부터 발생하는 정신적, 물질적 이익을 보호받을 권리를 가진다 ."
:foo "this, that, and the other thing thing. A rose by any other name is as sweet."
:bar "Another one bites the dust. To be, or not to be, that is the question; whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune; or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them."
:baz "To die, to sleep. No more; and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. To die. To sleep."
:qux "To sleep. Perchance to dream; ay, there's the rub: For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause."
:quux 69420
:quuux 42069
:fungus :balthazar
:virus :bazaar
:helicopter #{:fungus "trilogy" :balance}
:wiki-a "design kernels that allow machine learning algorithms such as support vector machines to learn from string data"
:wiki-b "find likely candidates for the correct spelling of a misspelled word"
:wiki-c "improve compression in compression algorithms where a small area of data requires n-grams of greater length"
:wiki-d "assess the probability of a given word sequence appearing in text of a language of interest in pattern recognition systems, speech recognition, OCR (optical character recognition), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), machine translation and similar applications"
:wiki-e "improve retrieval in information retrieval systems when it is hoped to find similar \"documents\" (a term for which the conventional meaning is sometimes stretched, depending on the data set) given a single query document and a database of reference documents"
:wiki-f "improve retrieval performance in genetic sequence analysis as in the BLAST family of programs"
:wiki-g "identify the language a text is in or the species a small sequence of DNA was taken from"
:wiki-h "predict letters or words at random in order to create text, as in the dissociated press algorithm."
:wiki-i "cryptanalysis"
gramdb (map-to-gramdb database)
index (gramdb-to-index gramdb)]
;; the transpose between gramdb and index is reversible
(assert (= gramdb (gramdb-to-index index)))
;; the result of a query on the gramdb or on the index is identical for the same query
(assert (= (normalized-index-query index "#{:balance :fungus}")
(normalized-gramdb-query gramdb "#{:balance :fungus}")))
(assert (= (normalized-index-query index 420)
(normalized-gramdb-query gramdb 420)))
(assert (= (normalized-index-query index "한다.")
(normalized-gramdb-query gramdb "한다."))))
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