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Instructions for compiling maxcoin-cpuminer on Windows
Instructions for compiling maxcoin-cpuminer on Windows:
1. Tip me some BTC at 18Hrj6cmmCzCGzv7wVmKFxjYvUSwugvi41 or Doge at
DUCYmX3EYJc4JiHfdVN6pPGM98S6CtoyVm :)
2. Download and install Cygwin 64 bit setup from Here
is a direct link to the latest version:
3. Run the setup as administrator. Use defaults until you get to the package
selection screen. Find these packages one by one and click next to them where
it says 'skip' to mark them for installation (skip should change to a version number):
4. Hit next, then next again to mark all dependencies and begin downloading /
installing packages.
5. Wait a few minutes for everything to finish downloading/installing.
6. Hit finish.
7. Open a cygwin terminal as administrator either by going to Start menu -> Cygwin
-> Cygwin 64 terminal, or runing C:\Cygwin64\cygwin.bat. All future commands are
done from this terminal.
8. Download maxcoin-cpuminer source from their github using the following command:
git clone
9. Change dirs:
cd cpuminer
10. Mark as executable:
chmod +x
11. Run
12. Run the configure script, optimizing it for speed:
CFLAGS="-O3 -march=native" ./configure
13. Compile it:
14. Assuming you have no errors, run it in benchmark mode:
./minerd.exe -a keccak --benchmark
15. If it works and gives you a hashrate, congratulations, you now have a
Windows version of maxcoin-cpuminer ready to go. Once the wallet is released
you can connect it to a wallet rpc like normal. The next steps describe how
it should work.
16. Download the wallet from
17. Run it and let it sync the blockchain.
18. Close it.
19. Create a maxcon.conf file alongside the wallet with the following in it:
20. Restart maxcoin wallet
21. Run your minerd.exe like the following:
./minerd.exe -a keccak -o -O user:password
22. You are now solo mining!
23. If a pool comes up and you'd like to connect to it, just re-run minerd.exe
like this:
./minerd.exe -a keccak -o stratum:// -O user:password
16. If this helped you, feel free to tip me some BTC at
18Hrj6cmmCzCGzv7wVmKFxjYvUSwugvi41 or Doge at DUCYmX3EYJc4JiHfdVN6pPGM98S6CtoyVm :)

lolwarz commented Feb 6, 2014

./ line 8: aclocal: command not found
how to fix??

Physikk commented Feb 6, 2014

8 miner threads started, using 'keccak' algorithm.
Illegal instruction (core dumped)

srbltd commented Feb 6, 2014

./ line 8: aclocal: command not found

same problem here

srbltd commented Feb 6, 2014

tried reinstalling automake with no joy

thank you seemed to work!

frank754 commented Feb 6, 2014

I got it to work fine on Linux, but will not compile under Cygwin in Windows 7. "C compiler cannot create executables". I do have gcc and related compilers, even the mingw gcc, etc.

Line 8 sucks

rene073 commented Feb 7, 2014

CFLAGS="=-03 -march=native" ./configure

-O3(capital o)

I got it to working under windows 8.1 x64
when you have the warning : "aclocal: command not found",
the make sure you selected the package "automake: Wrapper scripts for automake and aclocal".
Also package "Net/openSSL-devel" is required!


frank754 install openssl and then also just run ./configure without all the preamble

I have to figure out how to install the wallet now.

What a load of !@#$ all this is...

mricchio commented Feb 7, 2014

Everything was going FINE-Until i typed the MAKE command, then it just says No Such File or Directory??

what did i do wrong thnkx

NVM, i was missing "Net/openSSL-devel" THANK YOU->The-real-Urb

Great post but you have to follow instructions from the comments as well to get it working

twistedup +1

I compiled the wallet from that uses a Reddit post and it is still syncing after about 18 hours with the difficulty rising from about 700 to 34,000 (>:[) . Some Maxcoin project tweet suggests linking temporarily an exchange wallet to the miner for some issue they have which I would like to do. I have the cpuminer and a blockchain wallet address so what is the command line to link the blockchain address to the cpuminer?

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