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Last active January 1, 2019 01:37
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This script will download all the published rubytapas. Each episode, with all the attachments, will be downloaded in a folder named after the episode number. For example, in the folder "64" will be downloaded: 064-yield-or-enumerate.html, 064-yield-or-enumerate.mp4, 064-yield-or-enumerate.rb You need to set your credentials (username and passwor…
# username = "my_username"
# pwd = "my_password"
# target_path = "my_target_path"
# saving auth cookie
system %Q{wget --save-cookies /tmp/cookie.txt --keep-session-cookies --post-data "username=#{username}&password=#{pwd}" -O - \}
(25..600).each do |i|
%x[wget -q -S --spider --load-cookies /tmp/cookie.txt{i} > spider.log 2>&1]
head_log ="spider.log")
if head_log =~ /Content-Disposition.*filename="(.+)\.(.+)"/
name, extension = $1, $2
puts "Processing #{name}.#{extension}..."
if name && extension && !name.empty? && !extension.empty?
if Dir.glob("#{target_path}/**/#{name}.#{extension}").size == 0
puts "Downloading #{name}.#{extension}..."
filename = "#{name}.#{extension}"
if filename =~ /.*(\d{3}).*/
target_folder = $1
target_fullpath = "#{target_path}/#{target_folder}"
Dir.mkdir(target_fullpath) unless File.exist?(target_fullpath)
puts "*** wget --load-cookies /tmp/cookie.txt --output-document='#{target_path}/#{target_folder}/#{name}.#{extension}'{i}"
system "wget --load-cookies /tmp/cookie.txt --output-document='#{target_path}/#{target_folder}/#{name}.#{extension}'{i}"
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To anyone who wants downloads past episode 114, I would advise against this script. In order to get the latest episodes, I tweaked the max for the id range from 600 to 56000, but the files on aren't in sequential order, so the brute force id scan wastes a lot of time trying to locate files on the server.

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fanaugen commented Feb 5, 2017

In case you’re looking to download the video files from the new RubyTapas 2.0, check out my downloader

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