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[[ts] Check if obj is instanceof U] Check if obj is instanceof U
// =>
function OfType<T, U>(list: T[], arg: Function) : U[]
var result: U[] = [];
list.forEach(e => {
// extract the name of the class
// used to match primitive types
var typeName = /function\s*([^(]*)/i.exec(arg+"")[1].toLocaleLowerCase();
var isOfType = typeof(e) === typeName;
// if it is not primitive or didn't match the type
// try to check if it is an instanceof
if (!isOfType)
try {
isOfType = (e instanceof arg)
catch (ex) { }
if (isOfType)
return <any[]>result;
var list: any[] = [];
var numbers = OfType<any, number>(list, Number);
alert("Numbers: " + numbers);
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