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Last active Dec 16, 2015
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chartjs v2 - bartop controller that displays value at top of bar chart using y axis formating
(function() {
"use strict";
var root = this,
Chart = root.Chart,
helpers = Chart.helpers;
Chart.defaults.bartop = helpers.extendDeep({},;
Chart.controllers.bartop = function(chart, datasetIndex) {, chart, datasetIndex);
draw: function(ease) {
var easingDecimal = ease || 1;
helpers.each(this.getDataset().metaData, function(rectangle, index) {
}, this);
var ctx=this.chart.chart.ctx;
var ticks=this.chart.scales["y-axis-0"]; // is this a safe way to get the yaxis?
var options=ticks.options;
var labelFont = helpers.fontString(options.ticks.fontSize, options.ticks.fontStyle, options.ticks.fontFamily);
ctx.font = labelFont;
ctx.fillStyle = options.ticks.fontColor;
helpers.each(this.getDataset().metaData, function(rectangle, index) {
var value=this.getDataset().data[index];
var vm = rectangle._view;
var top = vm.base - (vm.base - vm.y);
var text=options.ticks.callback(value, index, ticks);;
ctx.font = labelFont;
ctx.textAlign = "center";
ctx.textBaseline = "bottom" ;
ctx.fillText(text, vm.x, top);
}, this);
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