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Last active Aug 10, 2017
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Fun64 Hello World test code
-- This is fun64 code, you can copy paste it into to run it.
mode="fun64", -- select the standard 320x240 screen using the swanky32 palette.
update=function() update() end, -- called repeatedly to update+draw
-- we will call this once in the update function
-- system.components.screen.bloom=0
-- system.components.screen.filter=nil
-- system.components.screen.shadow=nil
print("Setup complete!")
-- updates are run at 60fps
if setup then setup() setup=nil end
local ctext=system.components.text
local bg=9
local fg=system.ticks%32 -- cycle the foreground color
ctext.text_clear(0x01000000*bg) -- clear text forcing a background color
ctext.text_print("Hello World!",34,15,fg,bg) -- (text,x,y,color,background)
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