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Last active Aug 11, 2017
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Fun64 : A data dump of the Swanky32 palette.
-- This is fun64 code, you can copy paste it into to run it.
mode="fun64", -- select the standard 320x240 screen using the swanky32 palette.
update=function() update() end, -- called repeatedly to update+draw
local wstr=require("wetgenes.string")
-- we will call this once in the update function
-- system.components.screen.bloom=0
-- system.components.screen.filter=nil
-- system.components.screen.shadow=nil
print("Setup complete!")
-- updates are run at 60fps
if setup then setup() setup=nil end
local cmap=system.components.colors.cmap
local ctext=system.components.text
local bg=9
local fg=31
ctext.text_clear(0x01000000*bg) -- clear text forcing a background color
for y=0,15 do
for x=0,1 do
local n=16*x + y
local web=math.floor(cmap[n].bgra/16)%16 + math.floor(cmap[n].bgra/(16*256))%16*16 + math.floor(cmap[n].bgra/(16*256*256))%16*256
local s=string.format("%3d %2s %03X %-16s",n,cmap[n].code or "",web,cmap[n].name or "")
ctext.text_print(s,x*40+1,y+2,fg,bg) -- (text,x,y,color,background)
ctext.text_print(" ",x*40+1+6,y+2,fg,n) -- (text,x,y,color,background)
local tx=wstr.trim([[
This is a data dump of the ]]..tostring([[ palette.
First column is the color index number.
Second column is the color.
Third column is the color code used in bitdown ascii graphics.
Fourth column is the hex RGB that can be used on the web.
Fifth column is the name of the color.
Colors may be referenced by their index number or name.
]]) -- :gsub("\n"," ")
local tl=wstr.smart_wrap(tx,system.components.text.text_hx-6)
for i=0,system.components.text.tilemap_hy-1 do
local t=tl[i+1]
if not t then break end
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