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Created May 4, 2013
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Base64 Encoding/Decoding in Clojure
(ns ^{ :doc "Base64 Encoding/Decoding in Clojure"
:author "Yannick Scherer" }
;; ## Conversion Functions
(def ^:private base64-chars
"Base64 Characters in the right order."
(map char
(range (int \A) (inc (int \Z)))
(range (int \a) (inc (int \z)))
(range (int \0) (inc (int \9)))))
[\+ \/ \=])))
(defn- int->base64-char
"Convert 6-bit Integer to Base64 Character."
(get base64-chars i))
(def ^:private base64-char->int
"Convert Base64 Character to 6-bit Integer."
(let [reverse-table (into {} (map vector base64-chars (range)))]
#(get reverse-table %)))
;; ## Conversion Helpers
(defn- create-n-tet
"Given two m-bit numbers `a` and `b` create an n-bit number by taking the `bits-of-a`
lowest bits of `a` and the `(n - bits-of-a)` hightest bits f `b`."
[n m a b bits-of-a]
(let [bits-of-b (- n bits-of-a)
mask-a (int (Math/pow 2 bits-of-a))]
(+ (bit-shift-left (mod a mask-a) bits-of-b)
(bit-shift-right b (- m bits-of-b)))))
(def ^:private create-sextet (partial create-n-tet 6 8))
(def ^:private create-octet (partial create-n-tet 8 6))
;; ## Encoding
(defn- octets->sextets
"Convert a seq of 8-bit numbers to an equivalent seq of 6-bit numbers using the value
64 as padding at the end."
(let [octets (map #(mod % 256) octet-seq)
tupels (partition 3 3 nil octets)]
(fn [[a b c]]
(create-sextet 0 a 0)
(create-sextet a (or b 0) 2)
(if-not (or b c) 64 (create-sextet (or b 0) (or c 0) 4))
(if-not c 64 (create-sextet c 0 6))))
(defn base64-encode
"Encode String to Base64 Representation."
(let [sextets (octets->sextets (map int string))]
(apply str (map int->base64-char sextets))))
;; ## Decoding
(defn- sextets->octets
"Convert a seq of 8-bit numbers to an equivalent seq of 6-bit numbers, interpreting
the value 64 as padding (and thus end)."
(let [[sextets _] (split-with #(not (= 64 %)) sextet-seq)
tupels (partition 4 4 nil sextets)]
(fn [[a b c d]]
(create-octet a b 6)
(when c
(create-octet b c 4)
(when d [(create-octet c d 2)])))))
(defn base64-decode
"Decode Base64 String to UTF-8 representation."
(let [octets (sextets->octets (map base64-char->int string))]
(apply str (map char octets))))
(def s0
(str "Man is distinguished, not only by his reason, but by this singular passion from other "
"animals, which is a lust of the mind, that by a perseverance of delight in the continued "
"and indefatigable generation of knowledge, exceeds the short vehemence of any carnal pleasure."))
(def b (base64-encode s0))
(def s1 (base64-decode b))
(println (= s0 s1))
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