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FontAwesome 4.2 shortened SCSS with @each
// Font Icon
%fontawesomeIcon {
display: inline-block;
font-family: FontAwesome;
font-style: normal;
font-weight: normal;
line-height: 1;
-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
@include font-face(FontAwesome, '#{$font-path}/fontawesome-webfont');
/* Font Awesome uses the Unicode Private Use Area (PUA) to ensure screen
readers do not read off random characters that represent icons */
// Variables
// --------------------------
$fa-css-prefix: icon !default;
$fa-version: "4.2.0" !default;
$fa-border-color: #eee !default;
$fa-inverse: #fff !default;
$fa-li-width: (30em / 14) !default;
$fa-vars: (
adjust "\f042",
adn "\f170",
align-center "\f037",
align-justify "\f039",
align-left "\f036",
align-right "\f038",
ambulance "\f0f9",
ambulance "\f0f9",
anchor "\f13d",
android "\f17b",
angellist "\f209",
angle-double-down "\f103",
angle-double-left "\f100",
angle-double-right "\f101",
angle-double-up "\f102",
angle-down "\f107",
angle-left "\f104",
angle-right "\f105",
angle-up "\f106",
apple "\f179",
archive "\f187",
area-chart "\f1fe",
arrow-circle-down "\f0ab",
arrow-circle-left "\f0a8",
arrow-circle-o-down "\f01a",
arrow-circle-o-left "\f190",
arrow-circle-o-right "\f18e",
arrow-circle-o-up "\f01b",
arrow-circle-right "\f0a9",
arrow-circle-up "\f0aa",
arrow-down "\f063",
arrow-left "\f060",
arrow-right "\f061",
arrow-up "\f062",
arrows "\f047",
arrows-alt "\f0b2",
arrows-h "\f07e",
arrows-v "\f07d",
asterisk "\f069",
at "\f1fa",
automobile "\f1b9",
backward "\f04a",
ban "\f05e",
bank "\f19c",
bar-chart "\f080",
bar-chart-o "\f080",
barcode "\f02a",
bars "\f0c9",
beer "\f0fc",
behance "\f1b4",
behance-square "\f1b5",
bell "\f0f3",
bell-o "\f0a2",
bell-slash "\f1f6",
bell-slash-o "\f1f7",
bicycle "\f206",
binoculars "\f1e5",
birthday-cake "\f1fd",
bitbucket "\f171",
bitbucket-square "\f172",
bitcoin "\f15a",
bold "\f032",
bolt "\f0e7",
bomb "\f1e2",
book "\f02d",
bookmark "\f02e",
bookmark-o "\f097",
briefcase "\f0b1",
btc "\f15a",
bug "\f188",
building "\f1ad",
building-o "\f0f7",
bullhorn "\f0a1",
bullseye "\f140",
bus "\f207",
cab "\f1ba",
calculator "\f1ec",
calendar "\f073",
calendar-o "\f133",
camera "\f030",
camera-retro "\f083",
car "\f1b9",
caret-down "\f0d7",
caret-left "\f0d9",
caret-right "\f0da",
caret-square-o-down "\f150",
caret-square-o-left "\f191",
caret-square-o-right "\f152",
caret-square-o-up "\f151",
caret-up "\f0d8",
cc "\f20a",
cc-amex "\f1f3",
cc-discover "\f1f2",
cc-mastercard "\f1f1",
cc-paypal "\f1f4",
cc-stripe "\f1f5",
cc-visa "\f1f0",
certificate "\f0a3",
chain "\f0c1",
chain-broken "\f127",
check "\f00c",
check-circle "\f058",
check-circle-o "\f05d",
check-square "\f14a",
check-square-o "\f046",
chevron-circle-down "\f13a",
chevron-circle-left "\f137",
chevron-circle-right "\f138",
chevron-circle-up "\f139",
chevron-down "\f078",
chevron-left "\f053",
chevron-right "\f054",
chevron-up "\f077",
child "\f1ae",
circle "\f111",
circle-o "\f10c",
circle-o-notch "\f1ce",
circle-thin "\f1db",
clipboard "\f0ea",
clock-o "\f017",
close "\f00d",
cloud "\f0c2",
cloud-download "\f0ed",
cloud-upload "\f0ee",
cny "\f157",
code "\f121",
code-fork "\f126",
codepen "\f1cb",
coffee "\f0f4",
cog "\f013",
cogs "\f085",
columns "\f0db",
comment "\f075",
comment-o "\f0e5",
comments "\f086",
comments-o "\f0e6",
compass "\f14e",
compress "\f066",
copy "\f0c5",
copyright "\f1f9",
credit-card "\f09d",
crop "\f125",
crosshairs "\f05b",
css3 "\f13c",
cube "\f1b2",
cubes "\f1b3",
cut "\f0c4",
cutlery "\f0f5",
dashboard "\f0e4",
database "\f1c0",
dedent "\f03b",
delicious "\f1a5",
desktop "\f108",
deviantart "\f1bd",
digg "\f1a6",
dollar "\f155",
dot-circle-o "\f192",
download "\f019",
dribbble "\f17d",
dropbox "\f16b",
drupal "\f1a9",
edit "\f044",
eject "\f052",
ellipsis-h "\f141",
ellipsis-v "\f142",
empire "\f1d1",
envelope "\f0e0",
envelope-o "\f003",
envelope-square "\f199",
eraser "\f12d",
eur "\f153",
euro "\f153",
exchange "\f0ec",
exclamation "\f12a",
exclamation-circle "\f06a",
exclamation-triangle "\f071",
expand "\f065",
external-link "\f08e",
external-link-square "\f14c",
eye "\f06e",
eye-slash "\f070",
eyedropper "\f1fb",
facebook "\f09a",
facebook-square "\f082",
fast-backward "\f049",
fast-forward "\f050",
fax "\f1ac",
female "\f182",
fighter-jet "\f0fb",
file "\f15b",
file-archive-o "\f1c6",
file-audio-o "\f1c7",
file-code-o "\f1c9",
file-excel-o "\f1c3",
file-image-o "\f1c5",
file-movie-o "\f1c8",
file-o "\f016",
file-pdf-o "\f1c1",
file-photo-o "\f1c5",
file-picture-o "\f1c5",
file-powerpoint-o "\f1c4",
file-sound-o "\f1c7",
file-text "\f15c",
file-text-o "\f0f6",
file-video-o "\f1c8",
file-word-o "\f1c2",
file-zip-o "\f1c6",
files-o "\f0c5",
film "\f008",
filter "\f0b0",
fire "\f06d",
fire-extinguisher "\f134",
flag "\f024",
flag-checkered "\f11e",
flag-o "\f11d",
flash "\f0e7",
flask "\f0c3",
flickr "\f16e",
floppy-o "\f0c7",
folder "\f07b",
folder-o "\f114",
folder-open "\f07c",
folder-open-o "\f115",
font "\f031",
forward "\f04e",
foursquare "\f180",
frown-o "\f119",
futbol-o "\f1e3",
gamepad "\f11b",
gavel "\f0e3",
gbp "\f154",
ge "\f1d1",
gear "\f013",
gears "\f085",
gift "\f06b",
git "\f1d3",
git-square "\f1d2",
github "\f09b",
github-alt "\f113",
github-square "\f092",
gittip "\f184",
glass "\f000",
globe "\f0ac",
google "\f1a0",
google-plus "\f0d5",
google-plus-square "\f0d4",
google-wallet "\f1ee",
graduation-cap "\f19d",
group "\f0c0",
h-square "\f0fd",
hacker-news "\f1d4",
hand-o-down "\f0a7",
hand-o-left "\f0a5",
hand-o-right "\f0a4",
hand-o-up "\f0a6",
hdd-o "\f0a0",
header "\f1dc",
headphones "\f025",
heart "\f004",
heart-o "\f08a",
history "\f1da",
home "\f015",
hospital-o "\f0f8",
html5 "\f13b",
ils "\f20b",
image "\f03e",
inbox "\f01c",
indent "\f03c",
info "\f129",
info-circle "\f05a",
inr "\f156",
instagram "\f16d",
institution "\f19c",
ioxhost "\f208",
italic "\f033",
joomla "\f1aa",
jpy "\f157",
jsfiddle "\f1cc",
key "\f084",
keyboard-o "\f11c",
krw "\f159",
language "\f1ab",
laptop "\f109",
lastfm "\f202",
lastfm-square "\f203",
leaf "\f06c",
legal "\f0e3",
lemon-o "\f094",
level-down "\f149",
level-up "\f148",
life-bouy "\f1cd",
life-buoy "\f1cd",
life-ring "\f1cd",
life-saver "\f1cd",
lightbulb-o "\f0eb",
line-chart "\f201",
link "\f0c1",
linkedin "\f0e1",
linkedin-square "\f08c",
linux "\f17c",
list "\f03a",
list-alt "\f022",
list-ol "\f0cb",
list-ul "\f0ca",
location-arrow "\f124",
lock "\f023",
long-arrow-down "\f175",
long-arrow-left "\f177",
long-arrow-right "\f178",
long-arrow-up "\f176",
magic "\f0d0",
magnet "\f076",
mail-forward "\f064",
mail-reply "\f112",
mail-reply-all "\f122",
male "\f183",
map-marker "\f041",
maxcdn "\f136",
meanpath "\f20c",
medkit "\f0fa",
meh-o "\f11a",
microphone "\f130",
microphone-slash "\f131",
minus "\f068",
minus-circle "\f056",
minus-square "\f146",
minus-square-o "\f147",
mobile "\f10b",
mobile-phone "\f10b",
money "\f0d6",
moon-o "\f186",
mortar-board "\f19d",
music "\f001",
navicon "\f0c9",
newspaper-o "\f1ea",
openid "\f19b",
outdent "\f03b",
pagelines "\f18c",
paint-brush "\f1fc",
paper-plane "\f1d8",
paper-plane-o "\f1d9",
paperclip "\f0c6",
paragraph "\f1dd",
paste "\f0ea",
pause "\f04c",
paw "\f1b0",
paypal "\f1ed",
pencil "\f040",
pencil-square "\f14b",
pencil-square-o "\f044",
phone "\f095",
phone-square "\f098",
photo "\f03e",
picture-o "\f03e",
pie-chart "\f200",
pied-piper "\f1a7",
pied-piper-alt "\f1a8",
pinterest "\f0d2",
pinterest-square "\f0d3",
plane "\f072",
play "\f04b",
play-circle "\f144",
play-circle-o "\f01d",
plug "\f1e6",
plus "\f067",
plus-circle "\f055",
plus-square "\f0fe",
plus-square-o "\f196",
power-off "\f011",
print "\f02f",
puzzle-piece "\f12e",
qq "\f1d6",
qrcode "\f029",
question "\f128",
question-circle "\f059",
quote-left "\f10d",
quote-right "\f10e",
ra "\f1d0",
random "\f074",
rebel "\f1d0",
recycle "\f1b8",
reddit "\f1a1",
reddit-square "\f1a2",
refresh "\f021",
remove "\f00d",
renren "\f18b",
reorder "\f0c9",
repeat "\f01e",
reply "\f112",
reply-all "\f122",
retweet "\f079",
rmb "\f157",
road "\f018",
rocket "\f135",
rotate-left "\f0e2",
rotate-right "\f01e",
rouble "\f158",
rss "\f09e",
rss-square "\f143",
rub "\f158",
ruble "\f158",
rupee "\f156",
save "\f0c7",
scissors "\f0c4",
search "\f002",
search-minus "\f010",
search-plus "\f00e",
send "\f1d8",
send-o "\f1d9",
share "\f064",
share-alt "\f1e0",
share-alt-square "\f1e1",
share-square "\f14d",
share-square-o "\f045",
shekel "\f20b",
sheqel "\f20b",
shield "\f132",
shopping-cart "\f07a",
"\f090",
sign-out "\f08b",
signal "\f012",
sitemap "\f0e8",
skype "\f17e",
slack "\f198",
sliders "\f1de",
slideshare "\f1e7",
smile-o "\f118",
soccer-ball-o "\f1e3",
sort "\f0dc",
sort-alpha-asc "\f15d",
sort-alpha-desc "\f15e",
sort-amount-asc "\f160",
sort-amount-desc "\f161",
sort-asc "\f0de",
sort-desc "\f0dd",
sort-down "\f0dd",
sort-numeric-asc "\f162",
sort-numeric-desc "\f163",
sort-up "\f0de",
soundcloud "\f1be",
space-shuttle "\f197",
spinner "\f110",
spoon "\f1b1",
spotify "\f1bc",
square "\f0c8",
square-o "\f096",
stack-exchange "\f18d",
stack-overflow "\f16c",
star "\f005",
star-half "\f089",
star-half-empty "\f123",
star-half-full "\f123",
star-half-o "\f123",
star-o "\f006",
steam "\f1b6",
steam-square "\f1b7",
step-backward "\f048",
step-forward "\f051",
stethoscope "\f0f1",
stop "\f04d",
strikethrough "\f0cc",
stumbleupon "\f1a4",
stumbleupon-circle "\f1a3",
subscript "\f12c",
suitcase "\f0f2",
sun-o "\f185",
superscript "\f12b",
support "\f1cd",
table "\f0ce",
tablet "\f10a",
tachometer "\f0e4",
tag "\f02b",
tags "\f02c",
tasks "\f0ae",
taxi "\f1ba",
tencent-weibo "\f1d5",
terminal "\f120",
text-height "\f034",
text-width "\f035",
th "\f00a",
th-large "\f009",
th-list "\f00b",
thumb-tack "\f08d",
thumbs-down "\f165",
thumbs-o-down "\f088",
thumbs-o-up "\f087",
thumbs-up "\f164",
ticket "\f145",
times "\f00d",
times-circle "\f057",
times-circle-o "\f05c",
tint "\f043",
toggle-down "\f150",
toggle-left "\f191",
toggle-off "\f204",
toggle-on "\f205",
toggle-right "\f152",
toggle-up "\f151",
trash "\f1f8",
trash-o "\f014",
tree "\f1bb",
trello "\f181",
trophy "\f091",
truck "\f0d1",
try "\f195",
tty "\f1e4",
tumblr "\f173",
tumblr-square "\f174",
turkish-lira "\f195",
twitch "\f1e8",
twitter "\f099",
twitter-square "\f081",
umbrella "\f0e9",
underline "\f0cd",
undo "\f0e2",
university "\f19c",
unlink "\f127",
unlock "\f09c",
unlock-alt "\f13e",
unsorted "\f0dc",
upload "\f093",
usd "\f155",
user "\f007",
user-md "\f0f0",
users "\f0c0",
video-camera "\f03d",
vimeo-square "\f194",
vine "\f1ca",
vk "\f189",
volume-down "\f027",
volume-off "\f026",
volume-up "\f028",
warning "\f071",
wechat "\f1d7",
weibo "\f18a",
weixin "\f1d7",
wheelchair "\f193",
wifi "\f1eb",
windows "\f17a",
won "\f159",
wordpress "\f19a",
wrench "\f0ad",
xing "\f168",
xing-square "\f169",
yahoo "\f19e",
yelp "\f1e9",
yen "\f157",
youtube "\f167",
youtube-play "\f16a",
youtube-square "\f166"
@each $fa-var in $fa-vars {
$key: nth($fa-var, 1);
$content: nth($fa-var, 2);
.#{$fa-css-prefix}-#{$key}:before {
content: $content !important;
@extend %fontawesomeIcon;
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