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Last active September 6, 2021 08:12
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GMX L1, L2 Bridge

**CAUTION: Please do not use these instructions unless absolutely necessary, all GMX functions are currently on Arbitrum, and there should not be any strong reason to bridge GMX tokens between Ethereum and Arbitrum. Bridging from Ethereum to Arbitrum will take a few minutes, but bridging from Arbitrum to Ethereum has a 7 day waiting period during which you will not have access to your bridged tokens. **

To bridge GMX from Ethereum to Arbitrum, add the 0xbc30049ADC73dE06D7a98A5189203aAC66B2c830 token address to

Enter the amount of GMX you want to bridge to Arbitrum, then click on the "deposit" button.

You will need to unwrap your GMX tokens by calling "unwrap" on

To bridge GMX from Arbitrum to Ethereum, you will need to call "wrap" on

After wrapping, add the 0x590020B1005b8b25f1a2C82c5f743c540dcfa24d token address to, key in the amount you want to bridge to Ethereum then click "withdraw".

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